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 Teams will have a choice to Register in the A or B Classification.

Teams may be moved to A Classification if no roster on line. (Must be 9 or more players)  

Teams must have a roster online with Girls name, DOB and E Mail to be considered to be moved to B or C

Teams wanting to move to a different Classification must send an email request to the State Office

During any MIssissippi USSSA event that a team is found with a player on the line up card that is not on the "Online Roster" or submitted an approved MS USSSA Guest Player form will get a 7-0 loss. Protest must be "During" the game. Only Seeded pool and Bracket games can be protested.  If team is still in the event (The loss did not eliminate the team) with the loss they fix the online roster and continue play.  This does not apply to State & National events where rosters are locked prior to the start of the event.  In that situation, USSSA Rule 13 will apply. 


Rec/All Stars
Teams must play with a league and all players must be from the same league or geographic area. 

C Teams     
C Classified Teams:

  • Generally, first year teams or a team just coming from REC.  

  • A team that has played Several Tournaments and has not won many games (Winning Percentage lower then 30% against B level teams and/or 70% against C level teams  -  Number of events and opponents played will be considered)

  • Must have a roster online

  • Must request to State Director to be moved to C. 

  • Once is a Team is Re -Classified as a "C" team their roster is immediately locked.  Players may still be added with the approval of the State Director to ensure integrity of the "C" classification.  

B Teams

  • Team must have a roster online (all players)

  • Overall Winning Percentage between 31% and 79% (Depending on how many events and opponents played) -

  • Teams that have an 80% or better Winning Percentage against "C" teams will be one of the criteria for a team to be moved from C to B.  

  • USSSA Staff will classify based on Team performance, This may include other Associations Tournaments. 

  • Generally, after placing 3 or more times in Open Events with A/B opponents will get you moved to the next level. (Varies depending on the size of events and qualify of teams)

A Teams

  • Teams that self Classified

  • no roster online (must have a roster online to play)

  • USSSA Staff will make a Determination based on teams tournament results in all Tournaments. (including non USSSA Events)

  • Teams that play up in age may play down one Classification.  I,e, 10A may play 12B but may not play 12C.   

  • Generally if teams are Overall winning 80% of all games and placing in several Events. (Placing is defined as 1st-3rd)

  • If winning  percent is over 90% in same class and has played more than 10 recorded games. 

Lock Rosters: 
Teams Rosters and Classification gets locked in after this date . Classifications will be locked May 1st (8U-14U) and Roster will be locked  approx one week prior to the State Tournament)  Unless special Circumstances it will remain locked until the new season which is Aug 1 of each year.   New teams that Register after State Tournament will be Classified in a case by case matter. In most cases will have to play in at least one open event to be classified B/C. 

Guest Player:

See Guest Player Guidelines 

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