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All Rosters MUST be online in the USSSA system before playing. This includes all players on your team full time as well as players from another USSSA team being used as Guest Player(s).   If a player is being used as a Guest Player and is not on a current USSSA roster online, she is considered a new player to USSSA and needs to be added to your online roster.   If a player is not listed in the USSSA online system, they may not be covered by insurance. 


To all USSSA Fastpitch Teams:


We are pleased to announce a major advancement in online roster management capabilities for USSSA Fastpitch teams.  Beginning March 5, 2019, teams in USSSA tournaments nationwide (with the exception of certain state and national events) will have the ability to utilize guest players of comparable class for events in which they are participating.  This means teams that are short a player or two for an event now have a standardized way to bring on guest players for specific events.


As this system is the same in all states, it will improve roster transparency.  Anyone will be able to see approved guest players for an event on teams within that event.  Additionally, the system will no longer allow a player to be rostered with more than one team.  State Directors will be in contact with teams with players listed on multiple rosters. Everyone’s roster should be straight forward and easy to view with all players clearly listed.


The system is very intuitive and works through your coach’s login at  We have also created a series of help documents for you to use to help in your orientation to the new system.  They include:



If you have any questions about the system, you should contact your state director.


We appreciate you choosing to play USSSA and hope that tools like this improve your experience in our program and increase opportunities for young female athletes to play the sport.  We wish you all the best for a great 2019 season!





USAY Sports / USSSA will make every effort to complete the event. We will work with the complexes and field personnel to safely resume play when possible, however weather is out of our control.

Team schedules are subject to change to ensure completion of the event.  It is the responsibility of the teams to check the weather line / website and/or texts for updated game times.  DO NOT ASSUME games times will be pushed based on weather delays from the original schedule as games may be eliminated, shortened or relocated to complete the event. 

In the event it is not feasible to resume play, the following rainout policy is outline below.



1 game played - 55% refund or 65% credit toward future event

2 games played - 30% refund or 40% credit toward future event



1 game played - 65% refund or 75% credit toward future event

2 games played - 40% refund or 50% credit toward future event

3 games played - 25% credit toward future event


5GG or more

1 game played - 75% refund or 80% credit toward future event

2 games played - 50% refund or 60% credit toward future event

3 games played - 30% refund or 40% credit toward future event

4 games played -  20% credit toward future event

100% of the entry fee will be refunded if your team is not able to play any games. Upon your request, we will hold your fee for participation in the next event. If 30 minutes or 3 innings have been completed in the game, it will be considered a game played.


NOTE: Teams will NOT be refunded for previously rained out event discounts. Teams will only be refunded for the actual money they paid to enter the tournament. HOWEVER you will receive the normal discount for the next tournament you play. NO REFUND OF GATE FEES.

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